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Two Great #Fridayreads and a #Giveaway

Shadows of the Gods by S. M. Schmitz

As a powerful demigod, Selena has been running from the gods who control the government agency, the New Pantheon, for the past three years, but now, they’ve caught up to her. 

When they trap Selena in an alleyway in New Orleans, she is ready to admit defeat. But an unfamiliar demigod rescues her, and the more she learns about Cameron, the more she discovers their common bonds may be the key to unraveling her own mysterious history. 

In the first book of The Unbreakable Sword series, Selena and Cameron must not only evade the New Pantheon, which is ruthlessly hunting the remaining gods and their descendants, but an angry Aztec god that wants Selena’s power to himself. And they will discover in the impending final battle of the gods, no one can be trusted.

$0.99 on Kindle

Spell Slinger by K.N. Lee

Proper lady by day.
Evil fighting vigilante by night.

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, K.N. Lee presents Spell Slinger, a sci-fi fantasy romance fans are comparing to anime meets epic-fantasy.

Yara Ortuso always knew she'd follow in her father's footsteps as a Spell Slinger--until her mother sold her off as a concubine to a lord, after a forbidden romance.

Yara would have served her time as a wife to keep her family safe, but when King Loric sets a decree to abolish magic, she has no choice but to make plans for her escape.

Her best friend--a crow shifter named Hero is just what she needs. Yara vows to end the reign of murder and tyranny. But when the skeleton key transports Yara to a distant future, she must adapt to this new world. A mysterious prince with his own secret motives might stand between Yara and her quest for vengeance.

The future is an alluring and mysterious place, where the effects of a world without magic is apparent by the rise in supernatural activity--and King Loric still lives.

 Follow Yara's epic journey in this futuristic fast-paced steampunk adventure perfect for fans of Gail Carriger and Branden Sanderson!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New from New York Times Bestselling Author Rebecca Hamilton

A teen girl with the ability to predict deaths through her drawings shouldn't need to lie constantly to make her life sound interesting. But that doesn't stop Emily from spinning stories faster than she can keep up.

After transferring to a new school, Emily's 'dull' life is shaken by the appearance of a boy who seems unfazed by her far-fetched stories. A too-handsome-for-his-own-good senior, Noah has some secrets of his own. He needs Emily's special gift to save him from Sarah, queen bee of the school's It Girls, whose own supernatural abilities have forced him into a life of silence and solitude.

But when Emily tries to free him from Sarah's voodoo curse, things go belly up, landing Emily on Sarah's hit list. Soon, Emily and Noah are on a collision course with the It Girls, leading to a shocking revelation that ties them together in unimaginable ways. If their powers remain unchecked, this teenage popularity contest could spell the death of them all ...

Romantically charged and eerily chilling, Something Like Voodoo weighs the choice of saving your life versus fighting for a life worth saving. This young adult paranormal romance will put a spell on you.

Amazon         Nook           iBooks           Kobo

"Emily Bishop opens her story with a wild claim that sends the reader hurtling through a tale that explores the allure of dark magic and darker high school cliques, the depths of love and loss and lies, and the consequences of manipulation and madness. FAST-PACED, with a FRESH, CLEAR VOICE, this book casts a spell of its own--get ready to be charmed! ★★★★★
- New York Times bestselling author, Margo Bond Collins

"Hamilton's best work yet. The words leap off the page. FRESHDARK, yet INNOCENT and ALLURING. Must read for all Paranormal Romance lovers." ★★★★★ 
- New York Times bestselling author, Laxmi Hariharan

"Rebecca Hamilton's UNIQUE and POWERFUL story is bound to take the genre by storm! Packed with suspense and mystery that will keep you guessing, every reader who loves young adult paranormal and fantasy will be absorbed by this COMPELLING read." ★★★★★ 
USA Today bestselling author, Rachel McClellan

"Unique, engaging, and so much more than I expected! The author has ... FLAWLESSLY EXECUTED a chilling but magical read for book lovers both young adult and older." ★★★★★
USA Today bestselling author, Gina Kincade

"I blame 'Something Like Voodoo' for my lack of sleep last night. I COULDN'T PUT THIS BOOK DOWN. I hope to read more from Emily and Noah...and soon!" ★★★★★
USA Today bestselling author, Nirina Stone

"The characters were well thought out, the plot, INTRIGUING, very hard to put down (even when it's time to go to bed) and the style, AMAZING. Don't miss it!" ★★★★★
USA Today bestselling author, May Sage


Don't forget, there's still time to enter my giveaway for a $50 Amazon giftcard and other cool prizes:

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#Tuesdaybookblog: $50 and FREE reads

One week ago today I released Dying Breath the 6th novel in my Dying for a Living fantasy series. For those of you've already purchased the book and begun to enjoy it, thank you, thank you! When you're finished, I'd love it if you left a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you'd like to share your thoughts with other readers--and of course me! 

Regardless of where you are in the series, I hope you'll enter the Rafflecopter giveaway I'm currently running in celebration of the release. And you can also check out this fun post of Jesse complaining about her job--which also has a giveaway!

I plan to run a goodreads and Amazon giveaways next week, so stay tuned!

Find out for just $0.99!
Happy Book Birthday to Monica La Porta! 

All his life, Valentine Lobo has done everything the Brotherhood of the Wolf has requested of him, including marrying Mirella Canalis, his genetically engineered bride. 

Now Mirella is expecting his child, and Valentine should be happy to have successfully ensured the continuity of his species. Instead, he is devastated because he has fallen in love with her, and he knows that she won’t survive her pregnancy. As he faces demons from his past and enemies from his present, he must fight his most difficult battle yet.

Valentine will stop at nothing to save his beloved Mirella, but can love conquer all?

Other Great Reads

Friday, December 2, 2016

#Fridayreads and a $50 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

In addition to audiobooks, ebooks, and signed paperbacks, of my new release Dying Breath, I'm also offering a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky winner. Just click the link below for your chance to win.

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Other Great Friday Reads

Kidnapping. Murder. Betrayal.

Would you put your life at risk for a child you barely know?

In a far future US, the once-beautiful domed neo-Victorian city of Bridges is now split between four crime families in an uneasy cease-fire. Social disparity increasing and its steam-driven infrastructure failing, a new faction is on the rise: the Red Dogs.

22 year old Jacqueline Spadros was kidnapped from her mother's brothel and sold to the Spadros syndicate ten years ago. The murder of her best friend Air as he tried to save her from them haunts her nightmares. Now unwillingly married to one of the city's biggest drug lords, she finds moments of freedom in a small-time private eye business, which she hides in fear of her sadistic father-in-law.

Air's little brother disappears off his back porch and the Red Dogs are framed for it. With the help of a mysterious gentleman investigator hired by the Red Dogs to learn the truth, Jacqui pushes her abilities to their limits in hope of rescuing the child before the kidnapper disposes of him.

Dark, gritty, multi-layered Victorian-inspired detective neo-noir that keeps the reader guessing to the very end. 

What readers say about The Jacq of Spades:

"... a world of family intrigue combined with feuding households across the four quadrants of Bridges..." June Lorraine Roberts, Murder In Common

"This was the first steampunk book that I've read that I actually really loved." Gabby's Honest Book Reviews

"... an intriguing and compelling read ..." Diana Johnson

"... a first-rate mystery." Clabe Polk Mystery & Adventure

                                                      FREE on Kindle

Jennifer’s family is scarier than any nightmare. But if she rebels against the family ways, they’ll turn their viciousness on her next..
At just a century old, a family dinner gone wrong shows Jennifer Johnston exactly why humans believe Mystics are evil, and the events that follow leave her with more than just a few tortured memories.

Jackson Dawls and Taylor Durham are a deadly species all their own as well, but even they fear the Mystics and their barbaric ways. Now, unforeseen circumstances bring them face to face with not one, but a few.

When the three meet, long-hidden secrets are brought to light. Secrets no one but Jennifer knew. But if they can’t learn to work together, their apprehensions will destroy their lives.

                                                      $0.99 on Kindle

Immerse yourself in this eclectic collection of short stories featuring authors from around the world. Travel to different places with them as they enjoy an unexpected journey back home to reunite with family and take a chartered flight to the North Pole. Shiver with the cold and anxiety as their loved ones get stranded in a snow storm in Alaska or share the amazement of gazing at the spectacular views during a hike to Machu Picchu. Explore the Indian subcontinent by train, share an unforgettable vacation in Cyprus or venture into Afghanistan in the midst of war.

Holidays are a time of sharing and can take many forms. These stories explore the issues of family dynamics, reflections on life, and finding the true meaning of love and acceptance. They also show that sometimes, it is just as important to let go of old feelings and old memories.

This collection of short stories is sure to warm your heart and light the spirit of Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

                                                           $2.99 on Kindle

Kalla has uncovered the greatest conspiracy the government has hidden under everyone’s nose spearheaded by the Abyss, a powerful underground agency. Abyss has weaponized humans that can control time and space itself. However, they weren’t prepared for a coup d'etat from their own creations led by Kalla. Assisted by her ability to manipulate the climate around her, Kalla embarks on a mission to stop the underground government agency. Follow Kalla through the deep alcoves of the Abyss Experimentation Labs to the forests of the renegade Myst as Kalla learns that not every battle can be won and some victories come with a dire price.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Wait is Over! Let's Celebrate! #Tuesdaybookblog

It's here! Finally!

I'm THRILLED to announce that Dying Breath, the 6th and penultimate installment of the Dying for a Living series is now available on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook and more. Not only do I hope you'll pick up your copy, but I hope you'll join us for tonight's Facebook Party at 8PM EST. There will be door prizes and gifts for everyone who attends.

There's also a special announcement that I want to make personally! 

And don't forget to enter my giveaway below!

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Other Great Deals

FREE for today and tomorrow only
Game of Thrones meets Narnia in the bestselling magical beginning to Natalie Erin's heartfelt Creatures of the Lands series...

Dragons fly, animals can speak and fairies rule over all in the realm they call the Lands, a place that is both beautiful and dangerous. Only one myth remains...Changers, beasts who can morph into any creature at will, and their Accompanies, the mysterious riders who command them. 

Chaos begins when a Changer called Ionan and his Accompany Keota crash down from the sky. They are found by two orphan wolf pups searching for their mother, and the fairy Kiatana, owner of the Verinian Forest. Kiatana refuses to trust the handsome stranger, or believe the story about his troubled past, but she soon finds she has bigger problems as a plague begins to spread throughout her land, killing all in sight. With no option Kiatana heads out on a quest with Keota, Ionan, the two wolves and her trusty pegasus to find a cure before the forest is destroyed forever. But danger has a way of finding her, and Kiatana isn’t sure if she’ll survive the road ahead...

Funny and original, Kiatana's Journey is the first installment in an epic young adult fantasy series that honors love, imagination, and friendship.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited

A mystical calling.
On his 18th birthday, Cole learns that he is a dragon fated to save all that was deemed true.


Cole's life spirals into an uncontrollable battle for life or death. First, he learns that his family isn't really his own and his birth parents are dragons. With that legacy comes a special calling; devoting an eternity to protecting all true beings from creatures bent on controlling the Earth and bringing an end to dragons. 


As the newly-minted Prince of Ochana, Cole is also the Keeper of Dragons and his first task is to keep the nefarious farro-fallen fairies-at bay. With no formal training, no control of his mahier-dragon magic, and fear like he's never experienced before, will Cole be able to reach outside of his human side and embrace his destiny in time to defeat the farros?

Just $0.99
**2016 Readers Favorite Gold Medal Winner for Fiction - Panaromal**

Violca Grey knows life can change instantly. Two years after her parents’ sudden death, Violca is left raising her four younger sisters. She doesn’t realize that their lives are all in danger from something that may not be human.

Chase Reed knows the Grey sisters possibly hold the key to his fate. He is determined to get close, protect them and bring them to his Dragon King.

Together, Chase and Violca not only have to protect their families—they also have to fight against their rising feelings for each other. But what Violca doesn't know is that once a dragon decides he wants something, there is no stopping him from getting it.

Amazon                          Barnes and Noble                      iTunes                     Kobo

$0.99 on Kindle or FREE with KU

Winner 2015 sexiest steampunk book award

Vampires. Werewolves. An unlikely love story. How do you choose who lives and who dies?

Alchemist Amelia Rimos has just discovered the cure for the Undead. Being naïve and vulnerable, she does not realize the Undead have their targets set on her.

Happening upon a tall, dark, exotic man named Michel Gauthier, he saves her from becoming a victim, thrusting her into a game of cat and mouse.

Amelia realizes being an Alchemist is not in her best interest when she befriends him. Is Michel as sincere as he seems or does he have an ulterior motive?

When her life cannot be more complicated, John Hawthorne interjects himself into Amelia's life and shifts it completely upside down. He informs Amelia she has the key to their survival. Soon, she will realize the Undead are not the only monsters in the world…

Amelia will find herself in a desperate stalemate.

She will be forced to choose between destroying her evidence and saving the man she’s grown to love or destroying over half the population of the world, including the love of her life with it.

Praise for Deadly Alchemy:

"Deadly Alchemy is a real page turner, I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. I feel really bad for Amelia with everything she has gone through but she is definitely one tough lady." Karlee Lawrence, Amazon Reviewer
"WOW! Okay, so first of all I want to say that I am not a big historical fan HOWEVER this book had me completely hooked! I did not want to put this one down. (insert evil eye to family for interruptions here) There is suspense, who do you trust and who do you fear, oh and there is some heat in here too." Heather Ray, Amazon Reviewer

$0.99 or FREE on KU

A fast-paced fantasy epic that stretches beyond the stars. Two women, two worlds, one epic destiny...

On the world of Hearth, Nightmares crawl out of the East to devour entire villages. A fire-blooded heiress named Meluscia seeks to destroy the threat plaguing her lands and become Luminess of the Blue Mountain Realm. Though she desires the throne, her heart is divided. Forbidden intimacy tempts her at every corner. With life in a state of chaos, she soon realizes that the hard choices before her will determine the fate of her world. Can she save her kingdom, or will all of Hearth be brought to its knees at the feet of a primordial Beast?

On the world of Loam, an ancient evil threatens to conquer the portals that exist on every world, and only a young farm woman named Winter is given the power to destroy it. Gifted as a Seer by the gods and tasked with a deadly mission beyond her world, Winter must first escape the cruel farmland she was raised on, even if it could spell death for those she loves.

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Black Friday Book Deals

Book 1 is always free.
Other retailers

Black Friday for Booklovers

This time of year I always try to show gratitude for my amazing fans. In that giving spirit, all of the Dying for a Living books are now just $0.99 for a limited time only.  No matter where you are in the series, this is your chance to catch up before the release of Dying Breath, the latest installment.

Other retailers 
Other retailers

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Other Great Deals
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